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Next generation conveyor solutions boasting NEW features

The ROEQ team have built on their extensive knowledge and used feedback from the market to develop these 2nd generation top rollers with improved capabilities and new innovative features.

Here we present 3 new ROEQ Top Roller solutions for the MiR600 & MiR1350: 

  • ROEQ TR600 for loads up to 600 kg / 1323 lbs
  • ROEQ TR1150 for loads up to 1125 kg / 2480 lbs
  • ROEQ TR1000 Auto, which can collect and deliver to static conveyors of different heights

Specifically designed for MiR Mobile Robots, the ROEQ TR600 and TR1150 heavy-duty top rollers offer great versatility. Their flat top design enables the transportation of a wide range of cargo sizes and shapes, extending beyond the roller area. With the Long Cargo Kit, cargo up to 2.4 meters can be safely transported on the AMR (please contact ROEQ for guidance). Additionally, side bars are available where required.

The TR1000 Auto has the added function of collection and delivery to static conveyors of different heights.

Two-package function and efficiency at work

Both the ROEQ TR1150 and the TR1000 Auto feature an innovative two-package function, facilitating the individual delivery of two loads to different stations.

Moreover, the ROEQ development team has significantly improved access to the inside of the top module, simplifying setup and servicing processes and thereby reducing downtime.

All these solutions work with the award winning ROEQ GuardCom which provides wireless communication between the static conveyor and the top roller. This product easily attaches to the static conveyor and uses light sensors rather than Wi-Fi for additional safety, quick transfer and reduced downtime.

Be inspired by how these top rollers can be used around the workplace in this short animation…

Inspiration for workplace applications of Top Roller solutions

Benefits of ROEQ Assist Software

Like all our top modules, these top rollers come with ROEQ Assist software which makes set up quicker, easier and above all consistent, compared with other top modules. “The consistency in setup is a critical consideration when evaluating AMR and MRE (Mobile Robotic Equipment) solutions,” shares Carsten Sørensen, Partner at ROEQ. “It not only saves time and costs associated with servicing and maintenance but also minimizes downtime. This aspect is often underestimated but holds significant relevance in assessing ROI, particularly when installing multiple mobile robots.”

See the solution in action here: 

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Download the product sheet for the ROEQ TR600 and TR1150 here…

Download the product sheet for the ROEQ TR1000 Auto here…


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