NEW AMR solutions hit the market!


As OMRON introduces the new MD-series of autonomous mobile robots, ROEQ is proud to support the launch with a range of top module solutions developed specifically for this well engineered, medium payload range of robots.

Firstly we introduce the ROEQ TML EU Pallet Lift solution for OMRON MD-650 and MD-900 AMR.

This top module has been developed to transport euro pallets, with payloads up to 500 kg and 750 kg, safely and efficiently, around the workplace.

It is easy to mount on the OMRON MD-series AMRs and comes with threaded mounting holes for adding customized equipment. 

We also showcase the ROEQ TML US Pallet Lift solution for OMRON MD-650 and MD-900 AMR

A flat-topped lifter designed to provide flexibility to lift, transport and deliver US pallets and other flat bottomed or shaped cargo.

Both ROEQ Lifters are designed to work with the ROEQ PR750 EU or US Pallet Rack, ensuring reliable and robust performance. Like all ROEQ top modules, these lifters come equipped with ROEQ Safety and ROEQ Assist software, facilitating a fast and consistent setup—a crucial aspect for a smooth and reliable startup, especially as a workplace expands its AMR fleet.

“The ROEQ team always has focus on reliability, safety and ease of set-up when developing standard mobile robotic equipment (MRE) for AMRs.” states Michael E. Hansen, Managing Director at ROEQ, “However improving efficiencies, reducing down time and cycle time is also part of the development objective.” He continues, “For these top modules, the function to travel with the lifter up reduces the cycle time to enable more deliveries in a day.”

Both pallet lifts comply with safety standards ISO 3691-4:2020 for Driverless Industrial trucks and the EU Machinery Directive.

“We’re proud of the strong collaboration with the OMRON team, to bring these ROEQ solutions to market alongside their latest technology featured in the MD-series AMRs.” Says Michael. He adds ”And there is more to come … so stay tuned for more solutions available very soon!”

See these AMR solutions in action below or click here for more details and specifications about the ROEQ Pallet Lifts for OMRON MD-650 and MD-900…

Here you can read more about the launch of the new OMRON MD-Series of autonomous mobile robots for medium payload:

Download the product sheets

ROEQ TML500-750 EU - Product data sheet


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