Our history

ROEQ evolved from the Danish company Produkt Innovation founded in 2002, an R/D consulting business with clients such as Novo Nordisk and Leica Geosystems. In the spring of 2017 PI had a consulting assignment working with MiR Robots, which spawned the idea of developing the products being sold today. In the spring of 2017 three employees were developing and testing the applications, and the first sale of ROEQ equipment happened in early 2018. In the spring of 2018 ROEQ employed six engineers full time. 

In mid-2018 a small handful of dedicated distributors collaborated with ROEQ to get the products out into different industries, and on the 1stof August 2018 a designated sales department was established.

By the end of August the group of devoted distributors handling ROEQ equipment worldwide had grown to more than twenty, and the sales department expanded with a new marketing division. ROEQ has now begun taking part in large international trade fairs to promote the applications and meet new collaborators from around the world.

Today ROEQ is continuing to develop and engineer new and exciting products to enhance and streamline facilities in many industries around the world.

Our mission

At ROEQ we wish to leverage our customers in their pursue to implement logistical automation by means of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

Our mission is to ease the process of freeing up hands from ‘simple’ internal transportation and thereby redeploy human resources to more valuable tasks.


The consequence of onboarding ROEQ’s systems in the process of introducing AMRs should be:

  • Fast implementation.
  • Increased yield.
  • Increased capacity.
  • Increased precision.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • High safety and reliability.
 ROEQ – We move your business.

Fast implementation
– Pre tested off-the-shelf systems.
– Prepared for quick implementation.
– Easy and seamless setup via user friendly software operated through the MiR interface.
– All ROEQ products are built on the same platform, making operation easier and standardized.
– Professional and high quality out of the box.

 Increased yield
– Reduced robot idle/waiting time as the robot can carry out jobs while Carts/Racks are being loaded/unloaded.
More robust functionality through tested standard systems leading to less downtime.

Increased capacity
– Increased load capacity of the robot by means of Carts.

Increased precision
ROEQ’s system of Docking Stations ensures a precise position of the Carts with high repeatability.

Increased flexibility
– Racks and Carts can be handled both manually and by robots via ROEQ’s system of Carts, Racks and Docking Stations.

High safety and reliability
– ROEQ’s systems are engineered with safety in mind and they comply with current safety standards.
– Reliable systems ensured by thorough testing.

The Team

Benni S. Lund


Carsten Sørensen

Partner, Mechanical Engineer MSc

Peder Grejsen


Martin Ziemann Junker


Jeppe Langaa


Søren Larsen


Morten Juelsgaard

Software Manager, Ph.d. and M.Sc. Electronical Engineering

Flemming Hansen

Mechanical Engineer

Pernille Horsmann Gerstrøm

Sales Supporter