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Let's take it from the beginning

Founding story

ROEQ (pronounced RO-eek) – short for Robotic Equipment – is what you get when two engineers with many years of experience in consulting within research and development for the pharmaceutical industry, get interested in robotics. Co-founders Michael E. Hansen and Benni S. Lund, come to the growing mobile robotic equipment space with a flair for developing solid, high quality, reliable products that meet high safety and compliance standards. They saw a need in the market and started ROEQ in March 2017, developing mobile robotic equipment for MiR’s autonomous mobile robots and it wasn’t long before they found themselves with several products – carts, lifters and conveyors – for MiR100 and MiR200.

Along the way, more products were added to the ROEQ portfolio, solving even more business challenges with the use of the MiR platforms.

In 2018, a third engineer, Carsten Sørensen, came onboard to help ROEQ strengthen their development department further, as the company began a period of fast growth. Carsten had worked with Michael and Benni in their consulting business for more than 15 years, so he was no stranger to their mindset of quality, reliability and safety.

All three know that reliable products are crucial for industrial companies. “We don’t want our products to be an issue at morning meetings on production sites, because they’re not working well,” says Michael. This is why quality and reliable performance are the backbone of our engineering process at ROEQ. Another hallmark the founders carry with them from the medical industry is the awareness of safety, which is crucial – especially for deployment of equipment in larger multinational companies.

ROEQ is on a path of big growth and now produces solutions for other AMR Brands – OMRON and Continental. Our business model is built on collaboration with partners and system integrators to achieve better products and solutions, striving to solve customers’ business challenges with the latest technology. ROEQ is on an exciting growth trajectory but will always have a solid foundation in safe and reliable, well-engineered mobile robotic equipment for AMRs built on the founders’ many years of developing engineering products for the pharmaceutical industry.

Safe - Easy - Reliable


No matter which one of our products you choose, you’ll find them easy to install with your AMR. We’ve used our expertise and experience to develop our own easy-to-use software that runs with your AMR interface. You set it up initially from a computer, but from then on, you can control and operate it from a tablet or your smart phone. We’ve done the hard work so your integration is easier and you’re up and running quicker without hours of coding a customized solution from scratch.


We’ve built multiple safety features into our products. For example, safety zones are built into our GUI to accommodate changes in the robot’s footprint with the addition of the top module and other equipment. No further customizing is required.  And our patented locking system locks the carts to the robot or docking station, ensuring that the system that manages your AMR fleet knows where equipment is at all times.


With ease of integration and stability engineered in, your mobile robotic equipment will work from the moment you set it up. And it doesn’t require hours of customization to get it up and running. It’s easy to switch between solutions, which offers you the flexibility to meet the changing needs of your production line with minimal down time and enabling maximum utilization of your AMRs.

Benni S. Lund

Partner & COO

Michael Ejstrup Hansen

Michael Ejstrup Hansen

Managing Director

Carsten Sørensen

Carsten Sørensen



Our ambition is to become the leading global manufacturer of well-engineered, easy-to-use standard mobile robotic equipment to turn your autonomous mobile robot into a powerful, flexible, multi-tasking worker.


At ROEQ, we believe robots and humans can work safely together, and we engineer products that enable them to do just that. We make standard mobile robotic equipment for autonomous mobile robots that’s reliable and easy to program and covers the vast majority of needs in the AMR market.