ROEQ TML200 Lifter solution – the multi-tasker


The ROEQ TML200 for the MiR250, is a flexible top module lifter for autonomous mobile robots (AMR). The solution can lift, transport and deliver goods on crates, pallets, racks and even shelf carts. It truly enhances the capabilities of your AMR as it can be used for many different automation applications in the production, warehouse and shipping workflow. Below you can be inspired by just some of the possibilities.

Accessories available

To support this, we have the ROEQ PR250 pallet rack which enables drive-through pickup and delivery of pallets. These racks can be set up side by side for a scalable solution and you decide the width of the pallet racks, based on the width of your goods. 

Also, the ROEQ TML200 Forks, can be easily attached to the top module lifter, to handle pallets that don’t have a flat bottom. 

In addition, the versatile TML200 can pick up shelf carts in free space, so there’s no need for a docking station and operators can roll the cart away after drop-off. The ROEQ S-Cart300L has been specifically designed to work with the TML200. The cart can carry up to 170 kg/374 lb when transported by the TML200. Lifting the cart has the advantage that it aids robot traction in conditions with reduced friction, such as highly polished or dusty floors.

For adding extra custom items to the solution, such as a light tower or an extra emergency stop button, ROEQ offers an Input/Output IO kit TML200. Increasing the possibilities for adaption and usage even more.

ROEQ Safety and ROEQ Assist software

Like all our top modules, it comes with the ROEQ Assist software tool, which is fully compatible with MiR software. The tool generates standard missions to get you up and running faster with a consistent set up. The software also chooses the right footprint for the robot, so your robot can navigate safely with your goods. 

Speaking of safety, all ROEQ solutions have been thoroughly tested for safety and quality, and DoI documents are available.

With the S-Cart300L, TML200 Forks and the PR250 pallet rack developed to work with the TML200 for a full lift solution, you really can unleash the potential of your MiR250. 

To learn whether the ROEQ TML200 is the right solution for you, get in touch with a partner near you or with our sales team [email protected].


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