Flexible Robots Replace Forklifts

Business Challenge

In a busy factory, at the end of a production line, the goods end up on pallets at the rate of two pallets per minute. These pallets need to be moved to the warehouse as they are finished. To keep up with the pace of this production line, two forklift drivers race back and forth, moving the finished pallets. Now and then, goods get damaged. These damaged goods have an effect on the company’s bottom line. Even more importantly, there are human workers on the production line, which can result in dangerous situations with forklifts moving around at a high pace in the same space. Loaded forklifts mean a limited field of vision for the driver, so they might not see their colleague and thus there’s a high probability that accidents could occur. 

A ROEQ+AMR solution, where robots carry the pallets from the end of the line to the warehouse, can mean a big increase in safety and efficiency. A ROEQ TMS-C300Ext or TMC300Ext top module accommodates the longer pallets (up to 1200mm) and carries the finished goods safely to the warehouse. The robots can be programmed on a fixed route, but should something unexpected be blocking the route, the robot is also collaborative, so this means that goods and operators are both safe in the production area. It also means that human workers are freed up to perform other tasks. 

Safety and efficiency contribute directly to the company’s bottom line and ROI is generally less than a year. 


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