Streamlining Internal Logistics on a CNC Production Line

Business Challenge

On a busy production floor, you’ve made a significant investment in CNC machines, which are tended by human operators. They have to regularly stop production to fetch new parts in the warehouse. This means the CNC machines stand idle during this process, which isn’t efficient for production.  Even more time is wasted if the person accidentally collects the wrong parts and has to go back for the right ones. If you have multiple CNC machines on your production floor, this down time can really add up on your bottom line.

With a ROEQ cart solution and an AMR, the CNC operator can call for parts to be replenished when they’re getting low. The ROEQ+AMR solution will fetch the new parts in the warehouse and safely make its way to the CNC workstation, just when the parts are needed, keeping the CNC machine operating at capacity. The robot can then take the empty cart back to the warehouse for replenishment, so it’s ready to go when the operator calls for parts again. 

Meanwhile, the same robot can serve multiple CNC workstations, since they won’t necessarily all need new parts simultaneously, so the ROEQ+AMR solution can handle multiple deliveries of new parts to the production floor. The robot and ROEQ top module can work with multiple carts to perform multiple workflows, which means they can also take finished parts to the next stage of production or packaging. This gives you higher utilization of the AMR as well.  And after hours, when everyone has gone home, the ROEQ+AMR solution can keep working – moving parts and preparing the production lines for next day’s tasks. 

In all, ROEQ equipment that works with your MiR robots is a great investment that results in an optimized, higher production, all while safely working side by side with human workers. Since it’s also easy to set up and get started, your solution is up and running quickly and making you more productive, so ROI is normally less than a year.


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