Top Roller 1000

Designed to perform automated load and unload operations with the Mobile Industrial Robots MiR1000

The TR1000 is developed to support heavy internal logistics in industrial facilities.

The basic functionality of the TR1000 is to perform automated load and unload operations. The design enables safe and reliable transportation of goods with varying footprint.

With TR1000 the MiR1000 is able to carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks with many different types of heavy goods.

The standard TR1000 is fixed in height 450 mm/17.72 inches.

See it in action:


TR1000 - Top Roller ROEQ MiR1000 features
  1. Oversized goods
    TR1000 allows for transportation of oversized goods.
  2. Height adjustment
    Fixed height of 450 mm / 17.72 inches.
  1. Roller area
    Width 1050 mm/41.33 inches
    Length 1400 mm/55.11 inches
  2. Maximum payload
    1000 kg / 2205 lbs

This is how the ROEQ TR1000 works

TR1000 - Top Roller ROEQ MiR1000 can deliver us pallets

TR1000 carries various sizes of goods. Including US pallets.