GuardCom System Lowers the Barrier to Automation


RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards Recognition

The ROEQ GuardCom System utilizes sensor-based technology in a revolutionary new way that enables your MiR AMRs to transfer goods securely and reliably between mobile robots and stationary conveyor stations. Instead of relying on unstable wifi connections, like most robotic conveyor transport solutions on the market today, GuardCom connects directly to your ROEQ top roller and to the stationary conveyor station. The communication between GuardCom and the MiR AMR is based on proven, robust sensor technology. It enables safe, fast, reliable, and cost-effective handling and transfer of goods between conveyor stations. Since communications happen directly between ROEQ’s GuardCom system and ROEQ top rollers, you don’t need any complicated, lengthy and expensive implementation or 3rd party systems. 

Most solutions on the market today require extending the line with a receiving station and a series of wifi connections, which can easily be unstable in the factory environment. The receiving station takes up additional space and can limit the flexibility to change the solution as your production changes. Using GuardCom Connect with a ROEQ top roller mounted on a MiR robot, you can mount the GuardCom unit and standalone docking station directly on your existing conveyor line, without needing to extend it with a receiving station. 

Illustration showing the advantages of the GuardCom System

How it works

The system consists of the GuardCom and the GuardCom Connect. The GuardCom is affixed to the stationary conveyor stations and the GuardCom Connect is affixed to ROEQ top rollers on the AMR, so you’re not reliant on wifi. A minimum complete solution would consist of 2 GuardCom and 1 GuardCom Connect, which would enable the AMR to receive goods from destination A and deliver them at destination B. 

Additionally, the GuardCom safeguards against misplaced or dangling goods, allowing you to set off an alarm that alerts a human operator who can remedy the problem, or you can set the rollers to roll back automatically. There’s also a physical guard, which can stop goods from rolling off the stationary conveyor station accidentally.

The communication between the GuardCom and GuardCom Connect is a secure and safe wireless communication. The GuardCom Connect signals to the stationary conveyor station through the GuardCom that the AMR is in place and ready to receive or deliver goods, lowering the guard, so transfer can take place. Then, once the goods are transferred, it is signaled that the operation is complete and the AMR heads for the other stationary pick-up/ delivery conveyor stations. 

GuardCom is easy and quick to set up, more or less a plug and play installation, so you won’t require hours of costly commissioning time. Because the GuardCom is a small unit with sensor technology that wires directly into the stationary conveyor station, it takes up a minimum of space on the stationary conveyor station in comparison to other solutions. This all means the barrier to automation is lower and the cost of ownership is less. 

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