Top Module Extended for Cart300

Designed to transport pallets on Mobile Industrial Robots MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250.

The TMC300Ext is developed to support internal logistics in industry and healthcare facilities where “lightweight” pallets are transported The basic functionality of the TMC300Ext system is to perform automated internal pallet transport with the MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250.
TMC300Ext is designed to transport pallets, and with the special design the safety is incorporated into the design of the top module. TMC300Ext fits all types of pallet-based products, e.g. gitterboxes, plastic containers and different kinds of pallets.


CP300 pallet cart ROEQ features
  1. Top Module
    ROEQ TMC300Ext comes with 3D top camera as standard for increased safety.
  2. Cart300 Rails

    The Cart300 Rails is made to fit Euro pallets (EPAL).

  1. Cart300 Rails
    The Cart300 Rails also fits gitterboxes, plastic containers and other types of pallet-sized products.
  2. Maximum payload
    MiR100: 150 kg
    MiR200: 300kg                                                                                                          MiR250 with AM250: 300 kg

This is how the ROEQ TMC300Ext works


The MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 approaches a docking station.


MiR100/MiR200/MIR250 with AM250 delivers the TMC300Ext in the docking station.


The MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 drives off to solve other tasks.