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At Visteon they have increased the flexibility of their fleet of MiR robots by using equipment from ROEQ – Robotic Equipment.

Visteon is using ROEQC300 Cart solutions in several departments for solving internal logistics tasks. MiR robots with ROEQ Carts are used for supplying raw materials to SMT machines, transporting parts from injection molding machines and for collecting waste in the factory.

Thera are many benefits of using the MiR/ROEQ combination, great flexibility as several tasks can be solved by the same robot, easy installation, user friendly interface and short payback time.

The MiR robots and the ROEQ equipment are now a part of the supply chain in the factory and for the employees the robots are true helpers.

Installation and training time are limited as the ROEQ equipment is operated directly in the user-friendly MiR interface.


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