ROEQ s-Cart300

Shelf-Cart-300 for TMS-300Ext and Shelf Carrier (MiR) 

Designed specifically for the Mobile Industrial Robot, MiR250, for added flexibility in your facilities.

The basic functionality is to use MiR250 to move ROEQ S-Cart300 between logistic key points.

The MiR250 can pick up and deliver the ROEQ S-Cart300 in “Free Space”. 

The MiR250 robot is suited for setups with several ROEQ S-Cart300.

The robot collects the Cart in “Free Space” and delivers it to the desired logistic key point and leaves it there to be emptied or prepared for the next mission. In this way the MiR250 is only stationary for a short amount of time, effectively streamlining the workflow between different divisions of your facility.

The TMS-300Ext can be used with our ROEQ S-Cart300 and adds even more flexibility to your facility.


Shelf-Cart 300

Frame size
790 x 800 mm / 31,1″ x 31,5″​

425 mm / 16,7″​

Maximum payload
300 kg / 660 lbs

​Optimized for volume shipping.​
Shipping size: 800 x 810 x 120 mm / 31,5 x 31,9 x 4,7″

This is how the ROEQ S-Cart300 works