Cart for Precision or Easy-Pull-Out Docking 300 

The ROEQ Cart300 is developed to support internal logistics in industry and health care facilities.

The basic functionality is to use MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 to move ROEQ Cart300 between key logistic points. With the top module (TMC300) the robot can manage several ROEQ Cart300.  Using the ROEQ Cart300 makes the MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM25 robots much more flexible.
The robot can collect the loaded cart, deliver it to the designated docking station and leave it there to be emptied or prepared for the next mission. This way the MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 is only stationary for a short amount of time, effectively streamlining the workflow between different divisions of your facility.


  1. Application interface
    The 4 corner holes are prepared for attaching various end user applications, which fit in the individual production setup.
  2. Frame size
    800 x 800 mm.
  3. Maximum payload
    MiR100: 150 kg.
    MiR200: 300 kg.
    MiR250 with AM250: 300 kg
  4. Docking
    The top module is designed to be used with two different docking interfaces: “Precision” and “Easy-Pull-Out”.
    When the MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 places the cart in the “Precision” docking station, the cart is locked and precisely positioned relative to e.g. an assembly line, while in
    the “Easy-Pull-Out” docking station the cart can easily be pulled out and pushed back into the docking station, should this be required.
  1. Top Module (TMC300)
    The TMC300 is developed to support internal logistics in industry and healthcare facilities where cargo up to 300kg is transported.
    The basic functionality of the TMC300 system is to perform automated internal transport with the MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250.
    The TMC300 interacts with a mechanism in the Cart300 that enables the MiR robot to collect and deliver carts in the ROEQ docking station system.
  2. Caster wheels
    The cart is mounted with caster wheels in all 4 corners, which supports the excellent maneuverability of the MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250.

This is how the ROEQ Cart300 works


The MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 approaches a docking station carrying the ROEQ Cart300 


MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 docks and releases the Cart.


The MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250 leaves the cart automatically and quickly moves on to the next mission.