Announcing a NEW ROEQ cart solution for OMRON mobile robots

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ROEQ Cart solutions for OMRON LD-250 and now the OMRON LD-90x

Presenting the ROEQ TMC130 for the OMRON LD-90x

Last year ROEQ launched the first ROEQ cart solution for an OMRON AMR  – the ROEQ TMC500 solution which allows you to double the payload capabilities of your OMRON LD-250, transporting up to 500 kg. 

Now along comes a baby brother!

NEW ROEQ TMC130 Cart solution for the OMRON LD-90x

Following the positive reception of the first ROEQ cart solution, the team has collaborated with OMRON to develop a top module and cart for the compact OMRON LD-90x mobile robot – which works reliably with payloads up to 130 kg.  

This NEW ROEQ Cart solution is being showcased for the first time at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, April 25-27. 

“We are very excited to be expanding our solutions for the OMRON AMRs and look forward to showing this new cart solution on our ROEQ stand at LogiMAT,” says Michael E. Hansen, Managing Director of ROEQ.

“This is a unique offer in our portfolio, ideal for workplaces transporting smaller and lighter cargo between workstations.”

Like other ROEQ cart solutions, the TMC130 can dock to the cart from both ends and offers the flexibility of free space pick up and drop off – so it is easy to adapt to your workplace needs.

There are mounting holes on the top module for accessories like light towers. There are also mounting holes on the cart to make it easy to adapt for crates, shelving and the like.

All ROEQ solutions include ROEQ Assist software for easy and consistent set up and they are designed to comply with safety standards.

“This is the second solution that we have developed for an OMRON AMR, and we have more in the pipeline, including a lifter which we look forward to showcasing later this year,” confirms Michael.

See the NEW ROEQ Cart solution for OMRON AMRs in action here:

And be inspired by the many tasks that can be automated around the production and warehouse floor, using ROEQ carts and AMRs.

Download the product sheet here…

Read more about the new solution here…

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