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ROEQ mobile robotic equipment offers easy-to-use, safe and reliable solutions to get the full potential of your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Using ROEQ equipment you can transport and transfer loads, with your AMR, helping you to optimize your internal logistics workflow.

ROEQ solutions include top modules for cart, rack, lifters and rollers as well as accompanying accessories to handle everything from transferring goods to heavy lifting in your production and warehouse facilities.

These off-the shelf robotic equipment have been designed to keep integration and testing time to a minimum.

ROEQ software and ROEQ Assist ensures a smooth integration with the MiR robot. It sets the robot footprint e.g. if a cart is attached or not and generates missions to get you up and running quickly.

Developed and manufactured in Denmark, ROEQ is the leading global manufacturer of well-engineered, standard mobile robotic equipment.

ROEQ solutions consist of a combination of a top module and suitable equipment.


Top modules


For safe transport and delivery

ROEQ Cart Solutions

Meet the S-Cart family
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For transfer to conveyors

ROEQ Roller Solutions

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For racks or pallets

ROEQ Lifter solutions

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Case Study

Case Study - ROEQ solution at TE Connectivity
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The TE Esztergom, Hungary plant was experiencing problems and inefficiency with their existing material handling. They decided to test a new automized solution consisting of MiR200 robots, ROEQ TMC300 top modules, ROEQ 300E Easy-Pull-Out Carts and Easy locking docking stations. This provided a standard solution that was easy to integrate and deploy. ROEQ Assist software enabled tasks to be pre-programmed so missions could be launched quickly and easily. The solution was used to carry raw materials and finished products as a semi automatic solution.

The ROEQ cart solution increased the payload of the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and the solution improved logistics efficiency. It was safe and stable. Payback 2-3 yrs.

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