Welcome to Søren


Last week we welcomed Søren Bendtsen as our Software Product Manager

Here Søren shares a bit about himself and his first impressions as part of the ROEQ team.

Søren Bendtsen – Product Manager Software

Søren, will you share a bit about yourself?

“I am new to the robot industry, but bring experience in making software for equipment used in critical environments, and I look forward to contributing with this know-how.

When not working, I like cooking and enjoying an occasional glass of wine with friends and family ” – sounds very “hyggelig” Søren 😊

What did you work with before joining ROEQ?

” For the past 15 years I have worked with software for astronauts to use on the International Space Station. Mostly to keep them fit and healthy, but also to support researchers to know more about physiology in space.”

That sounds really interesting, what was your biggest experience with your work for the International Space Station?

Working in the space industry has a lot of challenges, but also rewards when projects, after years of development, finally arrive on the space station and being used. Making sure astronauts are in peak condition and contribute to the challenges of long duration human spaceflight mission has been very interesting.

What attracted you to this role at ROEQ?

For a long time I have followed the growing robotics industry on Fyn and it has for sure come a long way, since the early start. I really wanted to join ROEQ to contribute in advanced interconnected systems, seeing products being used on a wide scale and be part of the company journey.

What have been your first impressions at ROEQ and what are you looking forward to?

Everyone has been very nice during the initial days – there are a lot of new information, but everybody is very passionate about what they do and really want to explain and discuss ins and out of their specific domain. I am very much looking forward to start contributing to the ambitious R&D plan for future products.

Thanks for sharing this with us Søren.

Welcome to the ROEQ Team!


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