Carts for MiR250 launched today

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We’re pleased to launch two new carts for MiR250 — S-Cart300 Ext and S-Cart300W. They join our family of standard carts for MiR robots. Both carts have an extra set of wheels in the middle, for a total of six, which makes them easier for personnel to manually maneuver in a straight line. Additionally, the longer wheelbase of the S-Cart300 Ext offers increased tilt stability for longer goods that extend beyond the footprint of the existing standard carts, as well as for taller cages or boxes transported on the cart.

Some of our customers expressed a need to have personnel manually transport goods down long, narrow corridors. We found that adding an extra set of wheels made the cart easier to handle manually. This new standard cart option, like all of our carts, provides an easily customizable base for customers to solve a wide variety of internal logistics challenges. 

The new carts pick up and drop off in free space, without the need for docking stations. Additionally, the ROEQ safety zone footprint is built in and set up in dedicated ROEQ software that works with MiR’s GUI.

Get in touch with our commercial team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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