ROEQ Top Roller Solutions

for Continental IL 1200

All ROEQ Top Rollers

Are developed with ROEQ Safety and ROEQ Assist software for faster and consistent set-up

Work together with ROEQ the ROEQ GuardCom System, for reliable transfer and less downtime

Have features including roller brakes during transport, built in barriers to protect fingers being caught and optical sensors for a reliable and safe solution

ROEQ Conveyor Solutions

Check out the features and benefits of these heavy duty top rollers - Including the two package function.
Also understand how ROEQ GuardCom ensures reliable communication between the roller and the receiving unit for quicker transfer of goods and less down time.

Conveyor solutions for the Continental IL1200
Play Video about Conveyor solutions for the Continental IL1200

ROEQ Top Roller Solutions

For Continental IL 1200


Continental IL 1200

ROEQ Top Module

ROEQ TR600 and TR1200 roller for Continental AMR
Play Video about ROEQ TR600 and TR1200 roller for Continental AMR


ROEQ TR850 Auto on the Continental IL1200

TR850 Auto


GuardCom System

GuardCom System

These Top Rollers feature three types of built-in optical sensors

Position sensors

ensure that packages are only leaving or on-boarding the top roller when the robot is positioned correctly in front the stationary conveyor station

Front cargo sensors

monitor packages leaving and on-boarding the top roller. Ensure that packages are safely on board before the robot takes off and during transport

Rear cargo sensors

detect and prevent packages from rolling off the top roller. Prevent the robot from driving if packages are not correctly placed

Revolutionize the way your AMRs transfer goods

GuardCom System

GuardCom will revolutionize the way your AMRs transfer goods between your robot with ROEQ top roller and all stationary conveyor stations.

Instead of relying on unstable wifi connections, GuardCom connects directly to your ROEQ top roller and the stationary conveyor station. The handshake between GuardCom and the AMR is wireless and based on proven, robust sensor technology. It enables safe, secure, reliable and cost-effective handling and transfer of goods between AMRs and conveyor stations. Since communication happens directly between ROEQ’s GuardCom system, ROEQ top rollers on AMRs and stationary conveyor stations, you don’t need any complicated implementation or 3rd party systems.

ROEQ product compatibility:
All ROEQ Top Rollers

GuardCom: Mounted on any stationary conveyor station

GuardCom Connect: Mounted on the ROEQ top roller

GuardCom System

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