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At ROEQ we value our interns. Over the past few years we have had a number of student interns in the company and have also employed a few of them in permanent positions after their studies. Currently we have five interns working and studying with us. Read a little about the system and their experience here:

Internships are a great way to provide students with real work experience, as well as beneficial training building their skills for the future.

“At ROEQ we believe that Interns are important and valuable for our business. They give us fresh input with the latest knowledge in the industry, and often the unique insight from the young interns can help us achieve goals. It is a two-way street. We benefit from them, while we help to provide them with the necessary job and industry experience. It is an important part of the ROEQ values to think about educating for the needs of the future”

Says Joy Hansen, HR & Office Coordinator.

What do interns think about ROEQ? 

“I chose ROEQ for my internship as I thought it was a unique opportunity to gain more experience with different aspects of product development. Here I get my “own” project and I am learning so much by going through all the different phases”.

Patrick Brask, Mechanical Engineer Intern.
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“The employees are nice and welcoming and there is a great atmosphere in general, which is nice when you are new in the company and with no real work experience. There is always someone you can go to if you need help or have questions, which contributes greatly to the learning process. Some of the tasks can be very challenging, and your competencies are put to the test.  Which is great, as I believe that you will learn more from this.” 

Patrick Brask, Mechanical Engineer Intern.

The interns agreed that it has matched their expectations and said that they would recommend an internship at ROEQ to future students.

I saw that ROEQ is a young company in huge development which made me think that there would be many tasks yet to be done. Here I could see myself being a part of something big and having the opportunity to contribute to the company. Working at ROEQ, the interns have a say in the tasks that they are part of which prompts my interest and enthusiasm in being part of the team.”

Kim Bernth, Production Technology Intern

“Having the necessary support and training has helped me so much to gain real-life experience for my future career. They make me feel like my ideas matter and it has been a continuous challenge, allowing me to learn and grow more every day. I like that the ROEQ team is so passionate, every member puts effort and time to make the best out of everything”.

Elena Rodriguez, Sales Support and Marketing Intern

“I’ve been very impressed by the standard of the interns I have worked with here. It’s great to see them demonstrate proactive thinking to a challenge or hear their suggestions for new ways of approaching things. As well as take responsibility for the task or project they are given. They really get a chance to contribute to the company here, with a guiding hand and watchful eye of a friendly manager or mentor”

Heather Thorslund, Head of Marketing and Sales Support

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