ROEQ is on the Robotics Business Review’s RBR50 list


The RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards, recognize and celebrate forward thinking companies and the original, impactful solutions they have created. This year ROEQ has been honored, thanks to the innovative ROEQ GuardCom system.

ROEQ GuardCom has been developed to improve safety when transferring goods from an autonomous mobile robot to a conveyor station. It works together with the ROEQ Top Roller modules and uses coded light sensors to ensure a safe transfer of goods, rather than being at the mercy of WIFI.

“We’re very proud and happy to have been recognized in this year’s award list. It’s a real achievement for ROEQ”  

Says Michael Hansen, Managing Director, ROEQ.

See here for more information:

To read more about the Guardcom:

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