Rising to new heights with new ROEQ members


The ROEQ Top Roller family just got a major lift. A lift of 250mm, to be exact. Our brand new TML1000 is a lifter top module that enables your MiR500/1000 for picking up and delivering goods in varying heights automatically, without human intervention. Using the same lifting technology, we’ve created two new top roller modules – the TR500 Auto and the TR1000 Auto, both of which let you pick up and deliver from conveyor systems in different heights. This new ROEQ product has a larger stroke than other lifter systems – 250mm, giving you a greater height adjustment range and flexibility. The TML1000 has mounting holes in the top plate, which makes it easy to mount accessories like fork plates.

TML1000 - illustration

The TML1000, with its large 250mm stroke, can pick up and deliver goods to and from stationary pick up stations with roller systems and gravity roller systems. The new products can handle heavy loads – 500kg on the MiR500 and 1000kg on the MiR1000.

And that’s not the only top rollers in this launch – we’ve also got the TR125 Manual 250 and TR125 Auto 250, which both work with the MiR250. They work with a lifting mechanism that allows manual or automatic adjustment of heights from 650 – 800mm. They can handle a payload of 125kg.

All our top rollers are easy to program in our user-friendly GUI that is fully integrated with the MiR software. We’ve engineered all our production experience and knowledge into the products, making them easy to set up and get them up and running in your production. They have safety features built in, like brakes which keep goods from rolling off. And if you combine them with our new GuardCom System, they safeguard against misplaced/dangling packages, giving you options to have an alarm alert a human operator to intervene or to have the rollers reverse automatically.

We’ve also upgraded the existing members of our top roller family, so they’re also compatible with the GuardCom System.

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