ROEQ TML150 Top Module Lifter

The TML150 is developed to support internal logistics in industry and health care facilities.

The basic functionality is to use MiR100/MiR200 with the TML150 to move goods between logistic points.

The TML150 can be customized to support a variety of pallets and fixtures that are already a part of an existing assembly flow.

Whether the MiR100 / MiR200 is assigned with moving pallets around a factory or delivering parcels and boxes internally at a large facility, the ROEQ TML150 solves the task. Being able to deliver the payload to the designated docking station, and then leaving it there, creates more flexibility and less waiting time for the MiR100 / MiR200. 


TML150 Lifter for MiR Robots MiR100 and MiR200
  1. Application interface
    The Top Module is prepared for attaching various end user applications, which fit in the individual production setup.
  2. Frame size
    800 x 600 mm.
  3. Maximum payload
    MiR100: 50kg
    MiR200: 150 kg.
  1. Docking
    When MiR100/MiR200 arrives at the Docking Station, the lifting mechanism enables the loading and unloading of goods to e.g. an assembly line.
  2. Top Module

    The TML150 has a built-in lifting mechanism that enables easy pick up of packages, pallets, fixtures etc.

This is how the ROEQ TML150 works


MiR100/MiR200 with ROEQ TML150 approaches the docking station.


MiR100/MiR200 unloads the goods on the docking station by lowering the Top Module.


MiR100/MiR200 with ROEQ TML150 leaves the goods on the docking station and is off on a new mission.