ROEQ R150 Rack

The R150 is developed to support internal logistics in industry and health care facilities.

The unit is made as a base and can be used with a standard rack attached or as a base for a customized application. 

A MiR100/MiR200 will align the R150 Rack Base with its destination, which secures precision and stability in any work environment. 


R150 Rack ROEQ features
  1. Application interface
    The 4 corner holes are prepared for attaching various end user applications.
  2. Frame size
    800 x 800 mm.
  3. Maximum payload
    MiR100: 50kg
    MiR200: 150 kg.
  1. Top Module (TMR)
    The Top Module for Racks is made with a click-in and lifting mechanism that enables the system to load and unload Racks.
  2. Docking
    When MiR100/MiR200 places the Rack in the docking station, the Rack will be locked and aligned to e.g. an assembly line.

This is how the ROEQ R150 works


MiR100/MiR200 with ROEQ R150 approaches the docking station.


MiR100/MiR200 releases the Rack.


ROEQ R150 stays attached to the docking station – MiR100/MiR200 is off on a new mission.