TMC300 / Cart300

The bacis functionality is to use MiR100™/MiR200™ to move ROEQ Cart300 between logistic points. With the top module (TMC300) the robot can manage several carts.


The TMC300Ext system is designed to perform automated internal pallet transport with the MiR100 / MiR200

TMR150 / Rack150

The ROEQ Rack150 is made as a base, and can be used with a standard rack attached or as a base for a customized application.


The basic functionality here is to use MiR100 / MiR200 with the lifter top module to move goods between logistic points.


The top roller is designed to perform automated load and unload operations installed on the MiR100 / MiR200.


The ROEQ AM250 lets MiR250 work alongside your existing MiR100/200 with all your existing ROEQ equipment.


Designed for the MiR250 to support handling of pallets, skids, boxes etc. without compromising safety.


Designed specifically for the Mobile Industrial Robot, MiR250, for added flexibility in your facilities.


With TR500 the MiR500 is able to carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks with many different types of heavy goods.


Designed to perform automated load and unload operations with the Mobile Industrial Robots MiR1000