International Women’s Day


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are proud to say that the number of females in the ROEQ team has both increased over the last year and has become more internationally diverse.

Women are a minority in the robotics industry, but this could be changing. A year ago, ROEQ only had one female employee, but this has now increased to five, accounting for more than 20% of the workforce. These five women originate from four different countries – Singapore, UK, Denmark, and Spain – which also builds our ability to be more culturally aware when communicating with our global market of partners and end users.

Heather and Elena, are new to the robotics industry and say that they were attracted to work at ROEQ, as a young, dynamic company in a fast developing global sector. In comparison the other three ROEQ women, boast a combined experience of 16 years in the robotic industry.  

Both Sabine Hansen, Purchaser and Logistics Assistant, and Joy Hansen, HR and Office Coordinator, have previously worked for a number of years at MiR and were keen to build on this experience.

 “I love working in the robotics industry as we are contributing to the optimization of different industries, keeping companies alive in a highly competitive world. “ says Sabine.

“Things evolve fast. Every day is different, and there are new challenges all the time, which makes working in this industry exciting.” adds Joy.  “I believe that we cannot create success in this industry without the female competencies. At ROEQ we focus on communication, diversity, values and community.”

Shermine Gotfredsen is Global Sales Director at ROEQ. She comes from Singapore and has over nine years of experience in the robotics industry. With her international sales background and experience, Shermine brings ambitions for expansion and successful growth in the company, breaking barriers in international business. “We have a growing list of partners in almost 40 countries around the world.” explains Shermine, “We aspire to continue to expand into even more countries, offering innovative ROEQ solutions and quality products.”

Although ROEQ is proud to be a Danish company, located at the heart of the flourishing robotics cluster around Odense, we are also pleased to cultivate a diverse, international team. We believe this will help build our competencies and ability to grasp the potential from different cultures, as we continue to expand our partner and customer base globally.

Happy International Women’s day, to all!

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