Introducing Our ROEQ Sales Manager for Southern Europe

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Meet Bent S. Christiansen

We’re very happy to introduce Bent Christiansen, who we welcomed to the ROEQ team May 2023. Bent is responsible for ROEQ sales and commerce in Southern Europe – France, Italy, Portugal and Spain – and he is looking forward to getting to know our ROEQ Partners and customers in the region.

With a degree in engineering, Bent has a technical background and has worked in international industrial automation and sales for some years, developing distributors and markets primarily in Europe.

Check out below to to get to know more about Bent and read his first impressions of the ROEQ team.

Bent, will you share a bit about yourself ?

Although based in Denmark, I am used to (and love) travelling for both work and pleasure. In some of my spare time, I do photo coverage of concerts and festivals, for different media houses and magazines. The music, the chaos, the creativity, all the happy people, the intensity, the pressure, the results, and the unique working environment and style give me a kick of pure adrenaline.

Currently, my spare time is also taken with voluntary humanitarian work as a coordinating middleman – evacuating wounded Ukrainian soldiers to Denmark for surgical treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

Even though the results are not always edible, and the kitchen always ends up in chaos, I enjoy “creative” cooking. I also read… a lot… currently, anything I can get my hands on about Vikings, ancient Egypt, and any new releases from the hand and mind of Stephen King. And I like almost any sport that makes you move fast.

What did you work with before joining ROEQ?

I’ve been in the automation business close to 20 years, and I’ve always been fascinated by new technologies. I think robotics is currently one of the absolute most potential technologies in the world, literally, I see it as capable of drastically changing the world and our daily lives.

What attracted you to this role at ROEQ?

ROEQ makes the coolest equipment for AMRs and is the frontrunner in the business. As the first in the market, there is no doubt in my mind that ROEQ will stay in front and stay as the leader Mobile Robotic Equipment (MRE). ROEQ as a company, the technology, and the market are evolving at light’s speed – to me it is like an exciting adventure which has just started. I want to be part of that adventure. 

What have been your first impressions at ROEQ and what are you looking forward to?

A few weeks into this new adventure, my first impressions are many and all of them are positive. I’ve met only friendly and very helpful new colleagues. I love it when people are passionate about what they do and listening to people talking about their passions is a great and entertaining way to learn new stuff. 

My primary responsibility at ROEQ is to take care of the sales and the partners in Southern Europe and I look forward a lot to visit and to get to know the partners in the region.

Thanks for sharing this with us Bent.

Welcome to the ROEQ Team!


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