A ROEQ Cart is not “Just “a Cart


Below are 10 great reasons to buy a ROEQ Cart

1. A ROEQ Cart is designed and machined to fit.

ROEQ carts have been designed and manufactured with precision to ensure perfect fit with the MiR robot and the ROEQ top module.

2. ROEQ Assist software is provided with all ROEQ top modules.

This software ensures correct, consistent, and easy set-up of the MiR missions. Deliver and pick-up missions are generated by a mouse click – literally.

3. ROEQ cart software works easily with the MiR GUI (Graphic User Interface)

The missions created by the ROEQ Assist software work seamlessly with the MiR software.

4. No tedious programming of offsets

No need to program for each individual pick up point. The ROEQ Assist software does it for you. All setup parameters and settings are ready out-of-the-box.

5. Pre-configured safety zones and footprint

The ROEQ safety zones and footprint have been designed to fit the ROEQ carts. They are automatically triggered when ROEQ top modules lock into ROEQ carts – and revert to default when a cart is not attached.

6. A ROEQ cart has been designed to optimize the payload.

Using a ROEQ cart increases the payload of your MiR AMR by up to 50%. Ask your ROEQ Partner for guidance regarding operation at high payloads and when to use spring kits and weights.

7. A ROEQ cart picks up and delivers with ease.

The patented locking mechanism on ROEQ carts ensures safe precision locking and release to either docking station or robot. 

8. A ROEQ cart uses quality components to ensure durability and smooth running.

The ROEQ team have researched and compared components to ensure quality and reliability is optimized for every ROEQ cart.

9. A ROEQ cart is easy to customize for your needs.

The carts have threading holes, allowing customised fixtures to be affixed so you can use the most suitable containers for your workplace task. 

10. A ROEQ cart has been tested and is used around the world.

ROEQ carts are used in automated solutions, in workplaces around the world.

The ROEQ team have invested time, testing and optimizing the cart… so that you don’t have to.

ROEQ Cart300 – Works with a docking station.
Choose from different patented locking systems:
  • Cart300P Precision: for fully autonomous solutions, only handled by the robot.
  • Cart300E Easy-pull-out: for semi-autonomous solutions, where carts are also handled by personnel.
ROEQ S-Cart300 family – For free space pick up with MiR250. Choose from:
  • S-Cart300W: with 3 sets of wheels for easier maneuverability along straight routes.
  • S-Cart300 Ext: 3 sets of wheels & extended base for safer transport of longer cargo.
  • S-Cart300: with 2 sets of wheels for typical usage.

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