ROEQ Cart C300
Permanently attached to MiR robots

The ROEQ C300 can be used as a permanently attached cart on a MiR robot. This application adds stability and enables increased payload. Furthermore, the system can utilize the docking facility if needed. The type of application can vary from a robot arm to a base for a conveyor belt – and a lot of applications in between.

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This is how the ROEQ Cart on a MiR robot C300 works…

Step 1:
MiR100™/MiR200™ with ROEQ C300 permanently attached approaching the docking station.

Step 2:
MiR100™/MiR200™ attached to the working point (Application example: robot arm).

Step 3:
MiR100™/MiR200™ with ROEQ C300 leaving the docking station – on a new mission.